Custom Candle FAQ

Getting A Candle Made at Enchantments


One of our most popular products is our custom carved candles. These are 7-day pillar candles in a glass jar. We carve them with magical symbols and your name and astrological sign, anoint them with appropriate oil, and rub metal glitter into the carvings to define them. We place a small offering of honey, iron filings and incense into the jar before replacing the candle. The candles are a complete spell that you use as a tool to help manifest your intention.

We make carved candles on request. We will consult with you to figure out the appropriate combination for your candle. Then we make the candle in front of you. They take between 15 and 45 minutes to make.

If you would like to get a candle made, please arrive before 8 pm. If you prefer, you can purchase a candle in-store and pick it up later in the day. We are unable, however, to take orders for candles over the phone.


How do candles work?

Candle magic works on the same principle as any magic – combining an intention with an action in order to produce an effect.

The candles are tools to help you manifest your intention. Our job is to create the appropriate candle for you and your job is to charge it with your energy and intent.

How do I burn my candle?

First, remove and discard/recycle the newspaper and cardboard – they are just packing materials and do not have magical significance.

There is no one right way to burn a candle. The process leaves much room for your own spirituality and creativity. It can be elaborate or simple.

Here are some suggestions:

Begin by doing something to clear your energy, center yourself, and enable you to focus. This can take many forms: a salted cleansing bath, a shower, yoga, meditation, breathing, smudging, doing a cleansing ritual, casting a circle, etc.

Create a suitable environment for working with your candle.

Turn off the phone and make some quiet time for yourself

If you like, you can burn incense in the space.

Set a clear intention for your candle.

You can visualize it, say it out loud and/or write a letter of intention.

Feel that you are charging the candle with your energy.

When you feel like you are clear on your intention, light your candle.

The final step is to act accordingly and do the necessary work. For example, if you did an employment candle, you need to write your resume and apply to jobs!

Is it ok for me to put my candle out?

Yes. There are two ways to burn your candle.

The first is to light it once and leave it burning until it is finished.

If you burn your candle continuously, please be careful and follow good fire-safety protocol. We suggest that you leave your candle in a fireplace, sink or bathtub if you are not there to keep an eye on it. You can also place it in a bucket or bowl with some water, or in storm lantern.

Pay particular attention to when the candle is at the very end, as once in a while, the glass can crack at the bottom.

The second way is to burn your candle incrementally, lighting it whenever you can.

If you are at all worried about leaving your candle burning, by all means, put it out and relight it. The candle is meant to help, not stress you out. It is preferable to snuff your candle out with a snuffer or by placing a plate or something similar on top of the jar.

Spend a moment to refocus on your intent every time you relight your candle. If you have a letter of intention, you can reread it before you light your candle again.

Can I burn more than one candle at a time? 

Generally, the answer is no.

It is ideal to focus on one candle at a time.

All uncrossing-type candles should be burned on their own. This is because they work to clear and push out blocks and negative energy. One would not want to burn candles that are energetically at cross-purposes with each other – such as an uncrossing and an attraction candle.

It can be acceptable to burn candles that are complementary to one another at the same time. Such combinations are according to your intuition and discretion. For instance, you could burn a success candle and a candle for money-drawing concurrently. You wouldn’t, however, want to burn a romance candle and a job candle at the same time.


What do I do with the empty glass when my candle is finished burning?

When your candle burns out, it has done its work and your intention is out there. Discard/recycle the empty glass. If you like, you can wrap it in a separate bag.


How long should I wait between candles?

This is up to you.

For candles with different intentions: It can be good to leave some time between candles, but it is also ok to light a new candle right after your last one finishes.

Is it ok to burn the same candle more than once?

We generally discourage burning the same candle more than once in a short period of time. Trust that one candle is enough – have faith and act accordingly.

It is fine to do uncrossing candles periodically to keep your energy clear. Some people like to do the same candle annually, such as a solar blast on their birthday or a success candle for their business.



When should I burn my candle?

The short answer is any time you feel it is right to light it.


Does it matter if I burn it at night or in the morning?

Whether you burn it day or night is a matter of individual preference.


Do I need to wait for a particular day/moon phase to light it?

Some people like to burn candles according to the lunar cycle, but this is definitely not a requirement.

The new moon represents new beginnings and is a good time for initiating projects. The period from the new moon to the full moon is called waxing, as the moon is growing larger. This is a good time for attraction and healing magic. The full moon is an energetic high tide and a powerful time for any magic. The period from the full moon to the new moon, when the moon decreases in size, is called waning. The waning moon is a good time for cleansing magic.

You don’t need to limit yourself to this model, and can do any type of magic throughout the lunar cycle. Sometimes, you can adjust how you phrase your intention based on where we are in the cycle. For instance, if you were doing a prosperity spell during the waxing moon, you could ask to attract more wealth. During the waning moon, you would ask to clear the channels for prosperity to reach you and to release any blocks regarding your finances.

Every day of the week is ruled by a different planetary energy. You can incorporate this into your timing if you choose to, but it is absolutely not necessary.

How long do custom candles take to burn?

Custom candles burn for 7 days on average if you keep them lit continuously. We’ve seen candles burn from 4 days up to 2 weeks.

If you burn your candle incrementally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks or more, depending on often you burn it.

How long do candles take to work?

This is difficult to predict in advance and we can make no guarantees. It depends on a number of factors.

Bear in mind that the Universe’s timing is not always the same as what we may desire it to be.

We have observed that some candles, such as uncrossings, love uncrossings, house blessings, solar blasts and emotional healing candles are felt immediately. Others may be subtler or play out over a longer period of time, such as love candles, employment and success candles. These are not hard and fast rules though.

We have also found that the way in which people experience candles can vary greatly depending on the person.

How long do candles work for?

This is also something that is difficult to predict. Any magic causes changes that can continue in the long term.

How long to custom candles keep for before you burn them?

In theory, they keep indefinitely. That said, we recommend you burn them as soon as is appropriate. If you’re planning to store your candle for a while before burning it, be sure to keep it upright, in a cool location. You can even keep it in the fridge, particularly if the weather is warm.

How do I say thank you for a candle that worked?

Gratitude is a key element in magical practice. How you say thanks is completely up to you. You can take a quiet moment and internally express gratitude to the universe. A plain white candle is another nice way of saying thank you. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try carving the words “thank you” into the wax.



Where should I burn my candle?

Any place you think is safe and appropriate to burn a candle.


Do I need an altar to burn a candle?

No, but an altar can be helpful. If you have one, it could be a great place to burn your candle. You can also set up an altar space that is specific to your candle. Briefly defined, an altar is a sacred space that can serve as a focal point for spiritual practice. It can be large or small, minimal or elaborate. Items you can use include flowers, herbs, libations, pictures, statues, stones and a letter of intention.

Can I move my candle?

 Yes, it is ok for you to move your candle. For example, some people like to keep their candles on their altar when they are around to supervise them, and then move them to a bathtub or fireplace when they aren’t. Please be careful when moving your candle as they can get very hot.

If you are traveling, you can take your candle with you and burn it whenever you can. If you fly, we recommend that you pack your candle in your checked luggage, wrapping it securely to prevent breakage.

Do I need to burn my candle in my own home?

No, but it is nice to burn your candle in your own space if you can.

Do I need to be physically present while my candle is burning?

No, because the candle works mainly on the subtle/astral plane. You could, technically, light your candle in once place, travel halfway across the world and as long as your candle finishes burning, it will work.

That said, it is a nice touch, but by no means necessary to burn your candle in your own space.

Is it ok for my candle and my friend/spouse/family member’s candle to burn in the same area?

Yes, it is fine for different people’s candles to be in proximity to each other. Your candle is yours and their candle is theirs. They won’t affect each other.



Can I buy a candle for someone else?

Yes, but it depends on the person. People often buy candles as gifts, such as a solar blast candle for someone’s birthday. This is definitely appropriate if the person you are getting the candle for is open to burning a candle.

If you want to give a candle as a gift, but aren’t sure what to get, we have gift certificates for candles.

It is fine for you to order and pick up candles on behalf of others.

Can I burn a candle for someone else?

It is preferable for people to burn their own candles if they can. It is ok if you have someone’s permission to burn a candle for them. It is generally not ok to burn a candle for someone without their permission.


Can you put more than one name on a candle?

Yes, if it makes sense to.

Here are some situations where we would put more than one name on a candle:

-A house blessing candle for an entire family or household

-A successful business candle for multiple business owners

-A prosperity candle for a couple

-A candle to help heal a relationship

Some candles are best focused on the individual, for example:

-Deep emotional healing

-Love Attraction


Can I light my candle with someone else?

We generally recommend that you light your candle in solitude, unless your candle is for more than one person. In this case, you would light it with the people involved.


What if?

What do I do if someone else puts my candle out?

Its ok! Repeat the intention that you set before you lit your candle the first time. If you have a letter, reread it. Then relight your candle!


What do I do if my candle stops burning?

This is usually an issue with the candle itself and typically doesn’t have spiritual significance. You can carve some wax out of your candle to create space for the wick to burn. Repeat the intention and relight your candle. If it still won’t stay lit, give us a call or bring it into the store.

What do I do with a partially burned candle?

Bear in mind that candles sometimes leave a bit of unburned wax at the bottom. If this is the case, consider the candle finished and discard as usual.

If have a partially burned candle, you can restate the intention and burn your candle to the end. If you don’t feel this is appropriate, say thank you and discard your candle respectfully.


What does it mean if…?

(The way a candle burns doesn’t necessarily have significance, but we thought we would share our observations for your consideration. Keep in mind that the following answers are by no means the only interpretation.)

The candle stops burning?

This can be a chance to reevaluate your original intention, and modify or add to it if you choose.

A candle burns fast or slow?

 If it burns quickly, it can indicate that your candle was very timely and needed. If it burns slowly, it can mean that it had a lot of work to do.

A candle glass turns black?

If a candle burns black, it may have had a lot of blocks, negativity and obstacles to clear.

The glass cracks?

 Sometimes this can signify blocks clearing, and can also mean a breakthrough in the situation.