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Custom Carved Candles

See our Candle FAQ

Candle Spell Kits

Our candle spell kits contain:
2 hand-carved candles
1 dram of oil
1 package of incense
1 package of sea salt


(Note: These are guidelines and suggestions for effective spell work. Please feel free to customize your own ritual.)

Begin by cleansing yourself and/or the space where you will be doing your spellwork with sea salt. Bathe in it or pour it into a bowl of water. Sprinkle the salt water around your spell working space, visualizing a lift of positive energy and a decrease of negative energy.

Next, light the incense in a fire-safe container (cauldron, metal dish, etc), while stating out loud or visualizing your intentions.

With a dull knife, pen or toothpick, carve your name or initials and astrological sign onto the candles. Anoint the candles with some of the oil while imagining your desired outcome. Visualize your intention flowing into the candle. You may also raise energy into the candle by talking out loud, chanting mantras or singing. Some find it helpful to write out a letter stating exactly what you wish to accomplish with the spell. The letter can be placed near the candle or burned and released into the astral. (Please be careful when burning things!)

Place the candles in a fire safe container (candle-holder, cookie sheet, etc). Focus once more on your intention as you light the candles. Let the candles burn all the way down.

Depending on the spell, you can burn both candles at once or repeat the spell at different times by burning one candle at time.  You will have oil left over from the kit that you can wear as you would perfume or cologne, or burn in an oil burner.

Powder Incense

About our powder incense
Our powder incense is made with unscented woodbase, which is wood powder that has been treated so that it ignites and burns easily. This woodbase allows our incense to burn on its own, without the need for charcoal.

We begin by filling a bowl with the appropriate color of woodbase. We add dried herbs and resins, some powdered and some whole. Then we blend in fragrance and essential oils to achieve the right scent. We mix everything together by hand until it has the right consistency. Then we place the finished product in jars for storage.

How to burn our incense
Our incense should be burned in a fire-safe container. At the store, we use a cast iron cauldron. Metal and ceramic containers also work well. You can line your incense burner with tin foil to make clean up easy.

Place a small amount of incense into your container. Light the powder itself, and let the flame consume it for a few seconds. Then carefully blow it out. The incense will continue to burn until it is finished.

Some ways to use incense:
To help manifest your intention
To aid you while meditating
To raise specific energy in your space
As an offering to spirits, gods and goddesses
To represent the element of air in rituals

Blended Oils

About Our Blended Oils
Our oils are blended by hand, using a combination of fragrance and essential oils, herbs and resins. We use dipropylene glycol as a carrier oil. We create our oils with both scent and purpose in mind, so that they are balanced as fragrances as well as magically effective. (There are a handful of exceptions, where the ingredients preclude a pleasant smell, and the blend is made strictly for magical purpose. i.e. Lost and Away) Feel free to ask us if you have questions about what an oil smells like.

How to use our blended oils
Our blended oils can be used in a number of ways. They can be worn like perfume or cologne*, burned in an oil diffuser, used to anoint candles and mixed into baths and floorwashes. We recommend that when using the oil, you accompany it with a visualization or affirmation of your intention.

 *The vast majority of our oils can be worn as pefume. We will specify if an oil should be worn with caution. Some individuals may experience irritation from wearing blends that contain essential cinnamon oil directly on the skin. An alternative is to wear these oils in hair or on clothing. Feel free to ask us if you have any concerns.


We make our sprays directly from our blended oils. They are composed of equal parts of oil and alcohol, diluted in a water base. Sprays can be worn as you would wear our oils, or used on your space. They make an effective substitute for incense in places where incense cannot be burned.


About our baths
We hand blend all of our baths. We start with organic sea salt, to which we add herbs, fragrance and essential oils. We omit potentially irritating ingredients from our bath blends. Let us know if you have questions or concerns about ingredients.

How to use our baths
We recommend that prior to taking a spiritual bath, you cleanse the space you will be working in. Tidy up the area and start with a clean bathroom.

Fill your bathtub with water and add the bath crystals. You can use a few tablespoons to half a bag, depending on the strength you prefer. If you want to contain the herbs, you can put the bath salts in a muslin or cheesecloth bag before adding to the water.

When you are in the bath, meditate on your intention. Relax and take as much time as you need. When you are finished, let the water drain out, and imagine it taking negativity, blocks and obstacles with it. Rinsing off afterward is optional. It is advisable to do so if you have taken a cleansing bath. It can be a good idea not to rinse off attraction baths.

If you don’t have a bathtub, there is an alternative way to use our baths. Fill up a bucket or pot with water and add some of the bath salts. Energize the water by speaking or visualizing your intention. Then pour the water over you.

Ouanga bags

 Ouanga Bags are cloth bags filled with a mixture of herbs and oils to help attain specific purposes. Each bag has an appropriate symbol drawn on it. They should be personalized with a piece of jewelry or other belonging, and a piece of paper with your name on it. Ounaga bags can be carried with you or kept in a safe spot such as an altar or dresser drawer.


We sell herbs for magical use only. Use our herbs for spells, incense, powders, oils, poppets, ouanga bags, sachets, potpourri, etc.

(Please note – Our herbs are not sold for internal or medicinal use, and should not be ingested. 

Herbs are sold by weight, in 1/2 ounce quantities. The size of the packet will vary depending on the weight of the herb, please keep this in mind when ordering.

Essential And Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are pressed (extracted) directly from the plant and are the actual essence of the plant. (They are not edible)
Our fragrance oils are derived from essential oils blended with natural vegetable oils.

The only synthetic (chemically derived) oils we have are those that originally come from animals: Ambergris, Civet & Musk.
Both our essential and fragrance oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted before wearing directly on the skin.