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Ganesha Candle
Invokes the Hindu Elephant God to remove obstacles from your life and welcome in success.
Price: $40.00

Great Mother Candle
A devotional candle for the Goddess.
Price: $40.00

Healing Wand Candle
Works through the spiritual plane to heal the body. The seal depicts the Caduceus, the ancient symbol of medicine and healing. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

Hecate Candle
To invoke Hecate in all of her faces: maiden, mother and crone.
Price: $40.00

High Priest Initiation Candle
A psychic empowerment candle for men. Can be used for self-initiation, or for initiation into a coven.
Price: $40.00

High Priestess Initiation Candle
A psychic empowerment candle for women.To connect with the female mysteries. Can be used for self-initiation, or for initiation into a coven.
Price: $40.00

House Blessing Candle
Cleanses and blesses your living space - whether you've been living there for years or just moved in. It will help put the house in order and keep it blessed with good energy and peace.
Price: $40.00

Hypnotique Candle
Sexual and romantic attraction that makes you appear mesmerizing to others. Creates a highly seductive atmosphere.
Price: $40.00

Jupiter Candle
Brings forth the attributes of the Father of the Gods: luck, resilience, wisdom and understanding, abundance and fortitude.
Price: $40.00

Justice Candle
Helpful in all legal situations; can help reveal the truth. This candle was designed after the Justice card of the Tarot. It is the scales of heaven and asks the universe to decide where justice should fall.
Price: $40.00

Key to the Heart Candle
Celebrates a couple's love for one another. A wonderful candle for handfastings and marriages. Also great for a Valentine.
Price: $40.00

Lady Silk Candle
This love attraction candle makes you a master of flirting, and gives you the confidence to go after what you want.
Price: $40.00

Lakshmi Candle
Invokes the Hindu Goddess of abundance, prosperity, beauty and love.
Price: $40.00

Love & Happiness Candle
Much like a solar blast, this candle focuses on bringing an abundance of love and joy into your life. Paves the way for new friendships and/or relationships, memorable moments with loved ones and increased self-love.
Price: $40.00

Love & Protection Candle
This candle protects an existing relationship from outside influences.
Price: $40.00

Love Healing Candle
Can be used to heal a relationship, to heal old wounds and emotional issues and to recover from grief and loss.
Price: $40.00

Love Ouanga Candle
Draws forth love. Can be used to attract a mate that is on your level. Helps deepen and enhance an existing relationship.
Price: $40.00

Love Uncrossing Candle
For individuals: helps to clear negativity surrounding love. Addresses blocks and obstacles to finding and receiving love. Promotes clarity about love matters; For couples: Helps clear negativity in a relationship. Improves communication. Helps couples work out their problems. Provides clarity and helps to make decisions about relationships.
Price: $40.00

Love's Messenger Candle
To send a message of love to one who is far away. This candle can also be used for remembering a loved one who has passed away.
Price: $40.00

Lunar Blast Candle
Harnesses the power of the moon to provide stress relief and relaxation.
Price: $40.00

Mars Candle
Invokes the God of war for strength, perseverance, passion, virility, victory, protection, courage and willpower.
Price: $40.00

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