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7 African Powers Bath
The 7 African Powers are a group of Orishas who are honored together for blessings and grace. They are: Elegua, Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Orunla, Ogun and Oshun
Price: $4.95

Chango Macho Bath
The Orisha Chango is the ruler of thunder and lightning. He is asked for protection and for help in overcoming obstacles.
Price: $4.95

Ellegua Uncrossing Bath
Orisha Ellegua is the Divine Messenger & Keeper of the Crossroads. Request his help for protection and to open doors.
Price: $4.95

Obatala Healing Bath
Orisha Obatala is the Father of Purity & Light. He is associated with spiritual healing, physical healing & cleansing.
Price: $4.95

Ogun Protection Bath
Ogun is the Orisha of iron, surgery and war. He is invoked for strength in battle & for protection from physical harm.
Price: $4.95

Oshun Golden Luck Bath
Oshun is the Orisha of the Rivers. She bestows love, luck and money!
Price: $4.95

Oya Spiritual Cleansing Bath
Orisha Oya rules the winds & the Cemetery Gates.
Price: $4.95

Yemaya Mermaid Bath
Orisha Yemaya is the Great Ocean Mother. Yemaya is associated with peace, fertility & protection.
Price: $4.95

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