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Erzuli Oil
Devotional blend for the Haitian Loa of love, beauty and prosperity.
Price: $15.00

Erzuli Rose Fleur Oil
A bath formula to which you must add 7 fresh pink roses
Price: $15.00

Esbat Incense
For use in new moon and full moon rituals
Price: $10.00

Esbat Oil
For use in new moon and full moon rituals
Price: $15.00

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Price: $17.00

Eucalyptus Leaves
Price: $2.50

Eve Incense
Powerful aphrodisiac (for women only)
Price: $20.00

Eve Oil
Powerful aphrodisiac (worn by women only)
Price: $15.00

Evening Offering (Maroma Kalki)
Woody floral blend with Cedarwood, Tuberose & Ylang Ylang
Price: $5.00

Eyebright Herb
Price: $5.50

Faerie Attraction Incense
For invoking faeries
Price: $20.00

Faerie Attraction Oil
For invoking faeries
Price: $15.00

Fast Luck Bath
Increases luck in all areas. Also for money drawing.
Price: $4.95

Fast Luck Candle
It speaks for itself! This candle helps to bring luck in a safe and correct way so that you can succeed in your endeavors. Good for money magic spells.
Price: $40.00

Fast Luck Kit
To attract good luck in all areas.
Price: $17.50

Fast Luck Precarved Candle
Price: $1.95

Female Figure


Price: $6.00

Femme Blanche Candle
For healing karmic trauma. Can be used for individuals or for a relationship. Invokes Erzuli in her purest form.
Price: $40.00

Fennel Essential Oil
Price: $22.00

Fennel Seeds
Price: $2.00

Fenugreek Herb
Price: $2.00

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