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Crystal Healing Candle
For healing emotional matters. Heals past trauma and promotes mental clarity. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00



If you do not see a candle that suits your situation, chances are we can create one for you. Includes a 10 minute phone consult where we will discuss your situation and help figure out the best candle for you! We will call you; please provide the best number where we can reach you.
Price: $50.00

Emperor Candle
Jupiterian in nature, this candle brings recognition, builds confidence and helps to present opportunities. Calls on divine guidance and intervention to lead you in the right direction.
Price: $40.00

Employment Pyramid Candle
To help in your search for a new job or employment opportunity; can also help to secure a promotion. But remember - you have to go out and actually look for a job.
Price: $40.00

Empress Candle
Goddess based candle to help magnify self-love and confidence. Also can be used to attract romantic attention. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

Healing Wand Candle
Works through the spiritual plane to heal the body. The seal depicts the Caduceus, the ancient symbol of medicine and healing. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

House Blessing Candle
Cleanses and blesses your living space - whether you've been living there for years or just moved in. It will help put the house in order and keep it blessed with good energy and peace.
Price: $40.00

Key to the Heart Candle
Celebrates a couple's love for one another. A wonderful candle for handfastings and marriages. Also great for a Valentine.
Price: $40.00

Love & Happiness Candle
Much like a solar blast, this candle focuses on bringing an abundance of love and joy into your life. Paves the way for new friendships and/or relationships, memorable moments with loved ones and increased self-love.
Price: $40.00

Love Uncrossing Candle
For individuals: helps to clear negativity surrounding love. Addresses blocks and obstacles to finding and receiving love. Promotes clarity about love matters; For couples: Helps clear negativity in a relationship. Improves communication. Helps couples work out their problems. Provides clarity and helps to make decisions about relationships.
Price: $40.00

Money Drawing Candle
To create a flow of abundance. Works well to attract money for specific purposes.
Price: $40.00

Money Uncrossing Candle
Helps to clear out anything that may be blocking your finances: good for bringing in money owed, getting a raise, collecting debts
Price: $40.00

Solar Blast Candle
Helps the Sun come through to cleanse, purge and rejuvenate your entire being. Provides positive energy for all your endeavors. Invites joy into your life. A great 'wishing' candle. Traditionally used to celebrate your solar return/birthday!
Price: $40.00

Uncrossing Candle
A purification. Removes negativity, blocks, curses and hexes from all elements of one's life. Can be used to cleanse your home, office, self or those around you. It clears the way for positive vibrations to come into your life.
Price: $40.00

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