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This place is fantastic. Highly recommend for those who need to cleanse of negative energies. I recommend sage and candles they have many of the sort. Not to mention the wonderful staff and the beautiful black cat. Love this place!

-Grace W. (via Facebook) October 2013

I want to tell you guys thank you, but I don't think that would be enough. You have no idea how my life has changed since my last visit and it's all thanks to you all.It's a remarkable change I can't even explain.
I came in August to meet Tom for a reading and what he said was true and what he predicted was so accurate. He recommended some oils and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love them. It's my life line.
They say that their are angels around well I know you guys have been my saviour. I've been in a rough state and after consulting with Tom and what he recommended I cannot believe I'm the same person 3mths ago. I never thought I would reach here. You helped me come out of that dark place. The oils are so wonderful,the minute I feel I'm drifting to a sad place I apply the oils and that's it I'm back to feeling content. The candles also were so powerful.
 I would like to thank him for what he has done. And also I'm taking his advice,
I've always believed that i have the powers/ability to help and heal people. Hence after speaking with Tom he encouraged me to start ASAP and I have. I'm learning all about tarot cards and meditating.
I'm also moving to New York and would love to come learn all there is to know from you guys.
Will check up on the site and if there is anything I should know about let me know. I know this is my true calling in life, finally.
Thanks once again.

-Pash (via email) October 2013

I've been interested in all things mystical/magickal/metaphysical for most of my life. People have told me I seem "different" "marked" "chosen" "(Fill in the blank) has plans for you" I'm sure if you're reading this you've heard all of that and more lol. Anyways as years went by I developed an addiction to alcohol. But thankfully I've been as of February 5th. of this year 5 years sober.
And I credit Enchantments for being a gi-normous part of that. I carry around the runestones you sell near the register for protection, health, wealth, et al and I purchase the candle aura cleaning kits that you sell and I usually burn the candles in conjunction with significant astrological/metaphysical dates but as well whenever I clear a significant milestone in my own life. In fact I went in a few days before my five year anniversary and asked for suggestions for the type of incense I should use and the gentleman who assisted me was a consummate professional.  As is everyone there, on and off I've had questions that have ranged from potentially big to idle curiosity and everyone has always been generous with their time and knowledge.

The aura cleanings are important for me in sobriety because lets face it, life gets dicey with or without booze and I understand and accept that I play my part in it. 

I like going into Enchantments because the vibe is so calm, peaceful and serene, in an open air asylum that this world seems to be at times it's nice to know one can go to a place where you walk in and feel, "Yeah, this is where it's at."

I do other things of course to stay sober but for me Enchantments is like a vital part of my regimen, and I attribute a lot of my success to the tools and wisdom you've imparted.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

-Chris B (via email) March 2013

Hello Ladies.
I just wanted you to know that the two candles I purchased worked "like a charm". The first was a Peace and Protection candle and it seriously silenced the angry, complaining neighbors I have.  Lit the candle every day till it burned down and NOT A PEEP from those angry people. Its been 6 months! The second one was for health and wellness. Faced with the possibility of cancer I got the candle to help me through this. Two days later I went to the oncologist who told me it ISN'T cancer after all!!! YES!!!! I continue to burn that candle. A little extra good health never hurt anyone!
Thank you!

-Marion (via email) March 2013

Enchantments is one the best stores for witchy stuff in the world. The staff is always helpful.

-Don H. (via Facebook) March 2013

Enchantments is a wonderful store, always stocked with whatever I am looking for, the staff are great too always able to answer any question I had. I got to take the most recent candle carving class with Cat, who is an absolute sweetheart. The class was informative and fun, absolutely love how my candle turned out. It is definitely a shop I will continue to frequent, their different blended incenses smell amazing! I love seeing the cats around too.

-Tabatha P. (via Facebook) January 2013

Enchantments is such a wonderful place staffed by a group of knowledgeable, friendly people. If you're interested in the occult or Wicca, by all means check them out.

-Michael H. (via Facebook) 2012

Long running Pagan supplies in NYC. Got my first pentagram ring there back in the 80's. Ohh, and very cat friendly :-)

-David B. (via Facebook) 2012